Reaching The World For Christ – Right Where The World Is


Leadership Structure and Accountability

  –  Freedom Ministries is a church affiliated missions ministry, with leadership and accountability structure based upon scriptural principles.

  –  Ministry servants and leaders are those who know a specific call to missions ministry, are well grounded in the word, and are approved or commissioned by their church body.

Practicing Jesus’ Model For Ministry

Jesus did the things the Father told Him to do.  He gathered and made disciples.  He deployed them.  Then He left them to repeat the cycle.

Freedom Ministries was founded by David Alan Carmichael.  Telling the world the good news that Jesus has come to save men from sin and death, and making disciples is our mission.  Obeying the Father, making disciples, deploying them to the ministry, and repeating the process is our means.

1997 – Launched job-skill training and evangelism ministry, meeting physical and spiritual needs in low income areas.

2007 – Launched Preservative Talk Radio,  The Faith & Freedom Show, engaging the culture on the issues of the day from a biblical world-view.

2010 – Deployed ministers to the task of Freeing Captives.  Ministry to victims of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

2011 – Deployed ministers to Faith Challenge ministries, using personal challenge course programs to facilitate faith-walk self examination.

2013 – Two ministers secunded to Youth With A Mission, Richmond Virginia.

2014 –  Two more ministers invited by Youth With A Mission to staff its campus in Richmond.

August 2014 – Deploying a minister -in-training to Trinity Aviation Academy missions aviation training program.

2016 – Jesse and Madeline Carmichael lead a YWAM Outreach into major urban centers on the Eastern half of the country (racial reconciliation)

2017 – Max, Bethany & Shiloh McCullough lead a YWAM Outreach to Greece, Estonia, Spain & Austria.